A huge beach is comfortable and glorious at sunset.

At my feet, there are white shells, dirty trash and

slimy seaweed. On the beach, I can smell salt breeze,

and the sounds are pure and clear. Waves from the sea

and songs of birds in the sky can be heard. Around

the beach, the views are very beautiful. The sun looks

like burning in the sky, so sky turns red. On a beach

sunset, the good smell, the clear sounds, and the

beautiful view make me feel ease.


The House by the Sea

    “The House by the Sea” was written by Patricia Aspinall in 1999. The story of this book was about one of a couple who lived in London. They had been happy, but one event caused their divorce. One day, the man met his friend and started to tell the own story.

A man called Carl and his wife Linda lived in London, and they had a good relationship. He was intelligent, and his job took long times, but it was well-paid. One day, his friend John, a journalist, met white and thin Carl in Jolly Sailor pub in west London. They talked about why Carl looked so unhappy, so Carl started to tell one of the events.

     Three years ago, Linda wanted to buy house by the sea for spending weekend, so she started to find it in Little Moreton and bought it. However, Carl couldn’t spend together for a couple of years because of his hard work, so their relationship began breaking. One day, he promised to meet her at the train station near the bought house and called The Ancient Mariner Pub because there wasn’t telephone in the house. However, she didn’t call to him and didn’t come, so he worried about her, and he lodged in the pub. Next day, he searched her and got some information. First, he found her yellow shoe near the pub on the shore and died body of fish without head. Then, he got information by postman that she was in Woodbridge yesterday night. After that, when he returned to the house, he noticed strange smell and found the fish head on bed. It came out that it was happened by Tom who was very mad and lived in the house at once. On the other hand, Carl received a letter which was written by Linda and it was posted in Woodbridge. The letter was told good-by to him. Later, Carl knew that Tom killed by himself and Carl went to the police for investigating. After that, when he returned the house, he met Linda in the house. However, she told him that she wanted to divorce because she didn’t love him and things had been wrong between them, and she had loved other man Bill, Tom’s brother. Moreover, she explained about this event to him before go to explain the police. After explained, she left with Bill and would go to the police.

After John listened to the story, Carl and John talked about this event. In addition, he advised Carl how to think about Linda, so he realized to move on. When they went home separately, a barman called to John because there was the bag which was in yellow dress and shoes under their sitting table. He realized that it was Carl’s one because the yellow dress and shoes were Linda’s one. Therefore, he thought that, although, Carl brought the bag everywhere, he wanted to move on and forgot it, so he put the bag on there.

     It was sad story because his hard job caused that Carl and Linda separated. Although they separated, I wanted each other to be person to be happy life. He taught me that it was important to have a good relationship between families, so I wanted to recommend this book to many friends.




note-taking でよく使う略語特集♪


@ at
2 to
4 for
ASAP as soon as possible
U you
b/c because
b/w between
sth something
s/o someone
w/ with
w/o without
/ per


Some people prefer to spend time with one or two close

friends. Others choose to dpent time with a large number of

friends. Compare the adventage of each choice. Which of these

two ways of speading time dp you prefer? Use specific reasons

to support your answer.

We live in the world with many people. Everyone have family,

relative and friends. Most people have time for spending with

other people. Young people prefer to spend with friends.

Advanget of spend with two close friend and number of friends

are common that we have a good time.

Advantege of two friends is that they understand each other

charactoristic and habit. For example, If I worried about grade

in school, close friend would understand this is always to do

that. However, another unclose friend would not understand im my

mind. Therefore, we can share idea and feeling, and we have a

good time.

On the other hand, to spend with a lot of people have a lot of


When many friends have travel, they have an various idea, so

they can enjoy the trip.

Moreover, they will learn to get along with friend because they

have diffrent idea.

Indeed, time to spend with two close friend is that they feel

comfortable, and time to spend with many friends is they can

enjoy because they have many ideas. I recommend to have friend

alot because we will have a good time and may be a close friend.